Raptorex Pro
High Power / High Precision / High Speed
Raptorex Mini
Silent / Light / High Precision

"Your Personal Workshop On Your Desktop"

High Quality Manufacturing At Your Home and Your Workshop

Interested in getting into manufacturing at your home? 

Do you need a CNC Milling Machine in your workshop but unable to find a 

machine with high quality, appropriate price and technical support?


If you are looking for a strong CNC Milling Machine that can fit on your desktop, works with high precision and has quality 

warranty from its manufacturer, you are at the right place. 



Raptorex PRO

Are you a professional? Looking for solutions that would boost your quality and speed at your workshop or R&D center?

Are you a hobbyist? Do you want to test the next level?

With its strong framework Raptorex Pro can process even stainless steel with no vibrations whatsoever. It can fit on almost any desktop with its compact design and light weight, weighing only 39kg. Raptorex has a processing speed of 2400mm per minute and a precision rate under 0,07mm. If you are looking to process metals with high precision, Raptorex Pro will be your new assistant.  

Raptorex MINI

Raptorex Mini is launched for users looking to get into the CNC Milling Machine world at their home or conduct small businesses at their workshop.


Raptorex Mini can process materials like wood, plastic and soft metals with high precision. It is silent, it has high precision, it is incredibly light, weighing only 14kg, but it is strong and vibration free at the same time, thanks to its unique design.   

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